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I've been, against my better judgement, watching the feud between :iconalexwarlorn: and :iconlz0291: , two of my friends.

And to be honest? I'm now ashamed of a lot of our viewers for how THEY reacted BOTH FREAKING TIMES something like this has happened.

I'm not going to support or shoot down either of my friends here, but I AM going to make my feelings known about how a lot of our viewers are handling it.

This is NOT directed at those of you who handle these situations peacefully, this is directed at those of you who haven't.


So, LZ says Alex messed up big time, you guys HARASS and THREATEN ALEX to the point he's scared to death. Then Alex says LZ did something wrong to him and you HARASS and THREATEN LZ, making him angry and upset!

This does NOT help the situation. AT ALL. PERIOD. It makes it WORSE!

You're making the parties involved MORE emotional, raising the conflict even FURTHER than it already was rose.

You're making a person with self esteem problems have WORSE ONES and a person with clinical depression MORE depressed and angry.

You're doing the WORST POSSIBLE THING you COULD do in this situation.

You want to defend one side? FINE! Defend them! Strengthen THEIR points! But don't BUCKING ATTACK the other person!

You know ALL you've managed to accomplish with that?

Making Alex think LZ turned everyone against him and making LZ think Alex intentionally lied and manipulated people against him.

How does THAT help the situation AT ALL?

In fact, the present situation was in part CAUSED by one of you deciding to insult LZ instead of just let him leave peacefully like he WANTED TO!

As I said, I'm disappointed and ashamed in those of you that did this. We're BRONIES. What happened to love and tolerance? What about friendship is magic?

I'm PROUD of those who DID just defend the side they chose instead of attacking the other. But the rest of you who didn't? I'm ASHAMED.

I'm one of THE most optimistic and accepting people you could hope to meet. Just ask Alex and LZ, they KNOW how much it takes to get me TRULY clopped off and you guys managed to do it. Congratulations!

I'm not saying 'you're horrible people'. I'm saying 'you messed up and owe BOTH parties an apology for what happened!'

I'm sorry, but for once in my life I don't give a darn who this makes mad, I'm standing up for what I think is right and shaming a mob I feel NEEDS shamed.

I apologize if I upset anyone, but I had to get this off my chest.
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Iguanodragon Dec 27, 2013  Student General Artist
I just want to let you guys know, you all do a great job. It is amazing how long and thoughtful the POV series is, and all the work and love you pour into it really shows. 

Unfortunately I'm not very useful when it comes to fan fiction and audio adaptations, but I'll try to get your guys' name out there, and create some art for it, if that helps.

Congratulations for getting so far, and may you find success. :)
I was thinking about doing a relationship chart feat. the POV-Cast and the Connection they have to others (Family, former lives, alternate selfs (if those play a Part in the Fic)

What do you think?
Should I try it (since some of them have kinda complicated

relationships :D
pastel-tea Nov 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
What is the Pony POV series even about?

The Discorded Ponies Arc is a Retelling of Discord discording the Mane 6 (and Trixie) and a brief Glimpse into the Dark World.


The Reharmonization Arc and the Butterflies Arc tells how everypony is recovering from Discord’s Rule.


The Pearls Arc has a new Nightmare as the big Bad (Note: The Nightmares have a different Origin as in the Comics).


The Origins Arc shows the Backstories of Celestia, Luna and Discord as well as the Connection to the other Generations.


The Mind Games Arc… I can’t talk much about this Arc without spoiling anything, just that we learn more about Diamond Tiara.


The Shinning Armor Arc has Shinning guiding Cadence to a World Tour.


The Dark World Arc is the Sequel to the End of “Discorded Ponies” where the Elements of Harmony are back to defeat Discord.


The 7 Dreams/Nightmares Arc details the Change from G1 (and Tales) into G3 and what happened afterwards.



Hope I could help you :)

pastel-tea Nov 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Only still slightly confused, but okay.
Well I tried to avoid some major Spoilers as best then I can

I have a Question:


Rarity is the only one missing from Nighmare Paradox's "Nightmare Friends", but in the End of the Alicorn-Trixie Story (which is Canon thanks to the Timeloop) Rarity becomes a Nightmare


Why didn't Paradox recruit her, was she so angry at Trixie for burning her face, that she reset the Timeline thus erasing Nightmare Charity?

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