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I've been, against my better judgement, watching the feud between :iconalexwarlorn: and :iconlz0291: , two of my friends.

And to be honest? I'm now ashamed of a lot of our viewers for how THEY reacted BOTH FREAKING TIMES something like this has happened.

I'm not going to support or shoot down either of my friends here, but I AM going to make my feelings known about how a lot of our viewers are handling it.

This is NOT directed at those of you who handle these situations peacefully, this is directed at those of you who haven't.


So, LZ says Alex messed up big time, you guys HARASS and THREATEN ALEX to the point he's scared to death. Then Alex says LZ did something wrong to him and you HARASS and THREATEN LZ, making him angry and upset!

This does NOT help the situation. AT ALL. PERIOD. It makes it WORSE!

You're making the parties involved MORE emotional, raising the conflict even FURTHER than it already was rose.

You're making a person with self esteem problems have WORSE ONES and a person with clinical depression MORE depressed and angry.

You're doing the WORST POSSIBLE THING you COULD do in this situation.

You want to defend one side? FINE! Defend them! Strengthen THEIR points! But don't BUCKING ATTACK the other person!

You know ALL you've managed to accomplish with that?

Making Alex think LZ turned everyone against him and making LZ think Alex intentionally lied and manipulated people against him.

How does THAT help the situation AT ALL?

In fact, the present situation was in part CAUSED by one of you deciding to insult LZ instead of just let him leave peacefully like he WANTED TO!

As I said, I'm disappointed and ashamed in those of you that did this. We're BRONIES. What happened to love and tolerance? What about friendship is magic?

I'm PROUD of those who DID just defend the side they chose instead of attacking the other. But the rest of you who didn't? I'm ASHAMED.

I'm one of THE most optimistic and accepting people you could hope to meet. Just ask Alex and LZ, they KNOW how much it takes to get me TRULY clopped off and you guys managed to do it. Congratulations!

I'm not saying 'you're horrible people'. I'm saying 'you messed up and owe BOTH parties an apology for what happened!'

I'm sorry, but for once in my life I don't give a darn who this makes mad, I'm standing up for what I think is right and shaming a mob I feel NEEDS shamed.

I apologize if I upset anyone, but I had to get this off my chest.
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BrutalityInc Featured By Owner Edited Aug 14, 2014
( I was recommended by Ardashir to post this here: )

= = = 

"So, Flutters, why did you bring me out all the way here?" The Spirit of Chaos asked, eating small balloons out of a bowl-on-pony-legs with one claw, while towing a few hovering giant marshmellows by strings in the other like helium balloons, "Am I in trouble again and you're gonna give me a talk? You know I promised I won't cause any trouble bigger than a few harmless pranks since Tirek. I KNOW I still got a lot of burnt bridges to repair - a whole country's worth of them."

"No, it's not that, Discord," Fluttershy said reassuringly, having stopped and turned around to face the draconequu, "you're not in trouble."

"Hmm..." Discord pondered hard, scratching his chin with a third arm that came out of nowhere,"Oh I know! It's actually Boxers Day* and you have a surprise present for the occasion!"

"Well... yes, of a sort, but isn't about Boxers Day. It's just... now that we are friends again, I think it's time that I let you in on a secret."

"Secret? What secret?" The Spirit of Chaos was surprised; he honestly wasn't expecting Fluttershy to be hiding some dark secret. That would be too predictable.

"Well, not... that much of a secret; Twilight and the others know, and so did the Princesses. It's nothing dark or bad. I wanted to tell you much much earlier, right after we first became friends, in fact. But Twilight and the others didn't fully trust you back then, so we decided against it." Fluttershy explained, "But now that you are TRULY our friends, helped us save the world from Tirek, we feel it's best that we tell you now."

"Oh, Fluttershy, I'm hurt; wasn't friendship being about trust? What could be so important that you'll keep from telling me until now?" Discord asked, in his typical melodramatic fashion, while hiding his own growing curiosity.

"Well... we thought you might actually freak out over it, and ..." Fluttershy paused, a bit hesitant, quite unsure how to break this to Discord, "... she's a bit reluctant about coming out. She's afraid you might hurt her, back when you were not that reformed. She's still a bit afraid even now; it took me all night just to convince her to do this."

"She? Who? But... we're the only ones around here..." Discord, incredulous, scanned the area around him. They were in the countryside - there was not a single other pony in sight. 

Fluttershy sighed. And then, she changed.

Her coat became darker, her Cutie Mark changed from three pink butterflies to a different one: An inverted wing shape was a pair of pony hooves, pressing together, one larger and that of a mare, holding up the hoof of a filly.

It was Fluttershy who was in control of her own body when she closed her eyes. It was Fluttercruel who was in control when she opened them.

"Hello, old geezer." She said. Her voice was... Fluttershy's, but not Fluttershy's; it sounded distinctively harder, meaner, with a tone that seemed... resentful. "It's been a while."

Discord stared at the pegasus, "...What."

"'What'? That's it? Don't you recognize me? You created me when you confronted Fluttershy in the maze. You made me to act - to BE - the opposite of Fluttershy's kind self, a means to an end." Fluttercruel explained, sounding a bit bitter, accusatory, "And after you were defeated, I was left behind, suppressed by a memory spell, without a clue of a purpose beyond what you told me to do... at least at first. I've been living inside mom's head ever since."

"What?" Discord repeated, utterly shocked.

Fluttercruel facehoofed, and went straight to the gist of it. "Discord... you're my father."

This time, Discord's constructs exploded in his face. And his jaws literally dropped. 


= = = 

What happens when Canon!Discord meets Fluttercruel?

* Boxers day exists as a local festival, in honor of Soup Sandwich, the first mayor of Ponyville, known for creating many of Ponyville's festivals, and for wearing his lower garments... on his head, among other eccentricities. 
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Iguanodragon Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2013  Student General Artist
I just want to let you guys know, you all do a great job. It is amazing how long and thoughtful the POV series is, and all the work and love you pour into it really shows. 

Unfortunately I'm not very useful when it comes to fan fiction and audio adaptations, but I'll try to get your guys' name out there, and create some art for it, if that helps.

Congratulations for getting so far, and may you find success. :)
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2014
Thank you so much. 

"Congratulations for getting so far, and may you find success. :) (Smile)"

I freakin' hope I can get through the wedding arc with my head still connected and not suffering a heart attack. 

"Unfortunately I'm not very useful when it comes to fan fiction and audio adaptations, but I'll try to get your guys' name out there, and create some art for it, if that helps."

That would be very kind of you! Thank you! 

"I just want to let you guys know, you all do a great job. It is amazing how long and thoughtful the POV series is, and all the work and love you pour into it really shows. "

*hugs* Thank you! 

Iguanodragon Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2014  Student General Artist
MaliceJinnai Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2013
I was thinking about doing a relationship chart feat. the POV-Cast and the Connection they have to others (Family, former lives, alternate selfs (if those play a Part in the Fic)

What do you think?
Should I try it (since some of them have kinda complicated

relationships :D
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2014
It looks cool!
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2013
Yes try it! 
pastel-tea Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
What is the Pony POV series even about?
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